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Uses for Hazelnut Shells

The Willamette Valley of Oregon produces over 95 percent of the hazelnuts, also known as filberts, grown in the US. What started with a single grower, in 1905, has grown to over 650 current growers on over 28,000 acres.

While hazelnuts have been growing in popularity the shells have only recently become a valuable byproduct. The shells are extremely hard which slows their decomposition and makes them an ideal product to use in our Northwest gardens. The sharp edges of the cracked shells create a barrier for slugs and snails which love to make a meal of our tender perennials, vegetables and fruit plants.

The shells also make a great surface for garden pathways as their color tends to accent the garden and last for several seasons.

slug control around roses

Slug Control Around Plants


Commercial Application

Rose garden protected with hazelnut mulch

Low Cost Ground Cover


Benefits of
Hazelnut Shells

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